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    John Mayer - Love Song For No One

    Did it occur to you some time that there’s this particular song and you don’t really understand its meaning unless there was an instant that it talked to you perfectly like a person?

    Last night, I was playing the songs on my mobile phone with my little brother and suddenly Love Song For No One by John Mayer played. I listened to it as it is one of my favorite songs. Then I immediately blabbered, ”Nice! It’s just now that I fully understood this song.” I listened, then, "Ah! This is my song for my future lover." It’s like saying that please rescue me from this loneliness I’m feeling right now. I don’t know you but I know that you are there waiting for me, too.

    Staying home alone on a Friday
    Flat on the floor looking back
    On old love
    Or lack thereof
    After all the crushes are faded
    And all my wishful thinking was wrong
    I’m jaded
    I hate it 

    I’m tired of being alone
    So hurry up and get here
    So tired of being alone
    So hurry up and get here 

    Searching all my days just to find you
    I’m not sure who I’m looking for
    I’ll know it
    When I see you
    Until then, I’ll hide in my bedroom
    Staying up all night just to write
    A love song for no one 

    I could have met you in a sandbox
    I could have passed you on the sidewalk
    Could I have missed my chance
    And watched you walk away? 

    You’ll be so good for me

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