1. I can’t believe she’s telling secrets in front of me and I can’t believe if she’s that stupid enough for our older brother to hear her talking to someone over her phone. What’s separating us is the wall between us! Doesn’t she know that from this wall I would/could hear her? And what more outside! Though Taylor Swift songs are playing. 

    I think she’s making a fool of herself not because she’s spilling her secrets to us right now but because she thinks she fooled mom and dad. We knew that she’s going to do that. She seemed to be proud of herself that she tricked us. 

    She cleaned the house not because she wanted to. She showed care for grandma because she missed her. It was all a show. 

    She’s so kilig when grandma asked them if there was a kiss involved. What she didn’t know is I wasn’t kissed by my first boyfriend and or anything. Kiss on the forehead which means respect. Hug and that’s all. 

    Lesson here is that, you should be careful about every step you make. And most of all, learn the definition of the word eavesdrop. 

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